Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remember Dying. 1970 USA (archival)

Bulbous Creation were from the Kansas City area circa 1969/1970, and whose music can best be described as a powerful blues psych rock, with heavily effected acid guitar, organ, and impassioned vocals (listen to 'Fever Machine Man' to see what I mean here regarding the latter).  'Let's Go to the Sun' recalls the UK band Janus, with its searing guitar leads. Excellent rhythm section as well, even though they rarely stray from the usual 4/4 time. A wonderful find from Rockadelic.

Personal collection

LP: 2014 Numero Group

So it turns out that the original issue of this from Rockadelic was unauthorized, which the label was guilty of in the mid 90s more often than they should have been (especially since they started completely above board, and finished that way too). Not that Bulbous Creation holds any ill will, and in fact credit Rockadelic for bringing the album to the world's attention. So we have a happy ending in this case. All other issues are straight pirates, until we finally get our first fully authorized release from Numero, which is LP only. I ponied up for one, but I have to admit I expected more here. It's pretty much the exact same as the Rockadelic version, a thick single sleeve cover and a heavy brick for the vinyl. No liner notes, better sound, or anything else of interest. Given that its legit, and the Rockadelic version is long OOP, it's definitely worth owning.

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