What is a UMR anyway?

Unencumbered Music Reviews (UMR) is dedicated to celebrating the great progressive and psychedelic rock albums of the past and present. The postings on this blog include write-ups on original LPs and CDs as well as reissued and archival albums. Basically UMR has become my sole repository for my reviews and notes. It's my forum for documenting my collection as I go. It will take years to complete.

As a reminder, this blog is NOT a download site. The postings here are to educate buyers about the myriad of underground albums that have wallowed in obscurity for far too long. UMR heavily encourages all of you to actually BUY product (CDs, LPs, heck even downloads if you must), as the bands/labels/operators need fresh currency to continue to go forward. There is no need to freeload in this day and age when many bands and labels share a good portion (if not all) of their albums to sample beforehand.


  1. Hi,

    Any chance you might be interested in reviewing some of my music? I did not see a way to contact you directly so thought Id post a comment.
    My music is 100% electronic not dance music somewhere in between space music/ambient and a little space rock.

  2. Hi - Thank you so much for the opportunity! At this time, I'm completely swamped and would not have time to do your album justice. Perhaps at another time.


Sensations' Fix - Portable Madness. 1974 Italy

And here we have... the single greatest space rock album of all time! No small claim that. Not an irreverent throw out to grab one's...