Svenska Lod AB! – Horselmat. 1971 Sweden

Svenska Löd AB!'s sole album is a very rare album, and originals are off the charts in price. But what of the music? Hörselmat is an instrumental jazz album with blues, rock, and funk undertones. An album that features none other than Janne Schaffer on electric guitar. Very much of its era. Despite its rarity, the album features an excellent production along with some splendid guitar, trumpet, sax, and organ work (especially the organ).

Personal collection
CD: 2011 Creole Stream (Japan)

One of the rarest albums from Sweden, if not the rarest. Pressed in a micro quantity of 200 copies. Privately released album in an era when that kind of thing was unheard of, except in England perhaps.

Last listen: February 7, 2018

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