Tangle Edge - Improvised Drop Outs. 1983 Norway

Tangle Edge - Improvised Drop Outs. 1983 Mushroom (cassette)

Cassette reissue: 1990 Auricle (UK)

CD reissue: 2010 private  (2 CD)

LP reissue: 2010 private (3 LP)

Improvised Drop Outs is well named, as that's exactly what it is. Basically these are relatively short song skeletons, with free form psychedelic improvisations thrown on top. If you're familiar with Tangle Edge at all, the style is instantly recognizable even at this early stage. It can all be a bit much. As the AC joked on the CDRWL: "seems like nine and a half hours", but it does have a trance like effect if you leave it in the background. It's incidental film and TV music for an opium den. For my ears, this is way more preferable than the modern noise makers such as Acid Mother's Temple.

The CD is titled Dropouts and is self-released by the band. It's a 2 CD set in a small flip pack. It's lacking any extras, like bonus tracks, liner notes or photos, but it's still nice to have this on CD - and much better than those old cassettes!


  1. It's also on deluxe triple vinyl Tom.

  2. Hi Spyros,

    Just returned from vacation - sorry for the delay in posting your comment. Good point on the triple LP!


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