Humus - Whispering Galleries. 1999 Mexico

One primary characteristic of Humus that I picked up is that each successive album was more sophisticated than the last. Given the album covers, it almost seemed the band was evolving in a Darwinian state. And the cover here is astounding. While I wouldn't necessarily say Whispering Galleries has taken this to a new level of complexity (not even sure how they would do that honestly), I would say this is a nice sideways move for the band. The guitar trio arrangements are still dizzying complex, and Humus continues to possess that unique primo-era Sensations' Fix space rock vibe. Amongst the more standard Humus fare, there is an atmospheric/experimental keyboard piece, a female vocals number with some splendid electric blues guitar soloing, a modern interpretation of what seems like a Group 1850 improvisation, and an all-in 22 minute space rock number. A can't miss item for space rock aficionados.

Personal Collection
LP: 1999 W-Dabliu (Italy)

The LP comes in a fine gatefold cover.  For whatever reason, this title was never released on CD. And the LP was scarce the minute it came out. I recently secured a copy from Italy, which is about the only place you'll be able to find one (naturally enough).

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