Kebnekajse - Elefanten. 1977 Sweden

Elefanten is Kebnekajse's 5th album and represents a wonderful return to form, after the somewhat middling African/world music affair Ljus fran Afrika. Elefanten is about as close to jazz rock as Kebnekajse would ever get. It's a particularly strong outing for guitarist Kenny Håkansson, who lights it up everywhere he can. Also worth noting the strong violin play from Mats Glenngård adding the folk touch one would expect to hear on an earlier Kebnekajse album. This is a very fine work, that for whatever reason isn't as highly revered as I would expect. I think it's their best album along with their self-titled second.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Silence

Oddly this album has been completed ignored in the reissue market as well. And original LPs still go relatively cheap. Such an anomaly really. Well, grab one of those LPs while they remain affordable I guess. I've had my copy since the early 90s.

Last listen: December 30, 2010

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