Saga - s/t. 1974 Sweden

Saga are a guitar based rock band founded by ex-November members. Great fuzzed-out bluesy guitar ferociously played over jazz, hard rock, folk, and progressive styled tunes. Similar in sound to many of the 1970s Swedish groups, though this is quite a bit more expressive in places, taking it to a higher level. In fact, for the style, perhaps the highest level! How many bands from the modern era (especially from Scandinavia) have we heard trying to capture this very sound? Hear the real deal first, before sampling the imitators. The last two tracks are nothing short of phenomenal.

Personal collection

LP: 1974 Sonet
CD: 199? "Sonet" (boot)

This title had been a long time feature over on my CD Reissue Wish List blog. Very strange this album has yet to find its way to CD (legit that is - plenty of pirates out there). The Mellotronen label is very friendly with the band, and the major labels in Sweden. The album did receive a legit LP reissue in 2013 for Record Store Day (and they should have just done the CD while they were at it). The bootleg CD I own (no label - Sonet nominally credited) sounds OK (not great I assure you), with no info, a backwards booklet, and the usual crap job you would expect. Fortunately I also own the original LP which stays with me to the end of time, but it sure would be nice to see a high quality CD reissue at some point as well.

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