Moogg - Le Ore I Giorni gli Anni. 2011 Italy

There isn't much of a Canterbury tradition in Italy, which should make sense given that the genre is entirely an English invention. Even still, one can find plenty of examples in nearby France or The Netherlands. Sure, I've heard bands such as Picchio dal Pozzo mentioned in this context. But that band is really their own entity, if we're entirely honest here. Moogg, on the other hand, draws directly from the deep well that produced Caravan, National Health, mid 70s Camel, and Hatfield & the North. The fat sounds as generated by the Fender Rhodes, Moog synthesizer (duh), fuzz guitar and bass leave no doubt where the music is coming from. Add to that a vocalist who has a soft affected tone like Richard Sinclair, but sings in Italian, and a strong melodic sense - well there's just no other conclusion to make. Moogg are the best new band on Mellow in many years. If you love the Canterbury sound as much as I do, then this will be one of the highlights of your 2010 decade collection.

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CD: 2011 Mellow

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