Tamarisk - Frozen in Time. 1982-1983 England

Tamarisk reminds me of everything I like about the NWOBPR scene. They're tight, melodic, fast, and reasonably complex. The vocalist sounds like every other UK vocalist who spent a wasted youth with his dogeared Genesis albums (I mean that as a compliment). The guitar playing, in particular, is well done. And lots of mellotron on Lost Properties. All in all, very satisfying material.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 private (as Frozen in Time)

The two cassettes are very obscure, and I personally had never even heard of Tamarisk back in the day, even though I was already deep diving the NWOBPR scene in the early 1980s. Moe Curly turned me onto them via a CD-R only a few years back, and thus they became a feature on our CDRWL site. Frozen in Time is a well done private CD reissue of Tamarisk's two albums made by the band. The first 4 tracks are from the Lost Properties EP cassette (1983), whereas tracks 5 to 7 are from their debut EP cassette (1982). There are no bonus tracks.

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