Shaa Khan - The World Will End on Friday. 1978 Germany

Shaa Khan - The World Will End on Friday. 1978 Sky

CD reissue: 2009 Sireena

Packaging details: One of the more obscure albums on Sky, though it never was particularly expensive or collectable as an original. Like most titles on the label, this one took some time to find its way to CD. Via Sireena's Sky Records reissue campaign, both this and their followup album (which we're not featuring) were given the proper digital treatment. It's a nice digi-pak reissue, with liner notes detailing the history of the band. I personally only own the CD.

Notes: Before Sky became an almost exclusively electronic label, they experimented a bit with symphonic progressive rock. Shaa Khan, Octopus and Ramses are three of their most known bands in this specialty area of music. Shaa Khan is yet another laid back German progressive rock band. Bands like Novalis, Jane, Eloy, and Grobschnitt were huge influences in their day and Shaa Khan draws directly from this well. Of course, Pink Floyd must be mentioned in this context, simply to note their global influence at the time. The English vocals are awkward, a feeble attempt at performing both a Peter Gabriel and/or David Gilmour style. Nice guitar leads, copious mellotron/Hammond organ use, and the album features 5 long compositions, so an easy recommendation to traditional progressive rock fans. File along with Faithful Breath, Indigo, Pancake, Fly, Minotaurus, Albatros, and a host of others from the late 1970s German scene.

Interesting to note that Conny Plank would have agreed to produce this, had they chosen the German language. As such, it was recommended they record with Dieter Dierks, who was recording The Scorpions' "Taken By Force" at the same time. Apparently some spirited soccer matches between the bands occurred during the recordings.

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