Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rictus - Christelle ou la Decouverte du Mal. 1981 France

Rictus - Christelle ou la Decouverte du Mal. 1981 Le Kiosque D'Orphee

CD reissue: 2012 Strawberry Rain (Canada)

LP reissue: 2012 Strawberry Rain (Canada)

Packaging details: An extremely rare album, the original LP was pressed in a limited edition of 250 copies for friends and fans, with the surplus ending up in a village record store. My buddy Heavyrock first played the original LP for me over at his place (about 5 years ago), and the AC followed up with a CD-R. Prior to that, I had never seen a copy, though I can remember having this one on a curiosity list going back to the mid 1990s! Le Kiosque D'Orphee is a very similar label to FLVM, and was basically an LP pressing plant for those who could provide a master tape. To the rescue comes Strawberry Rain, who just released this album in both LP and CD forms. I bought the CD immediately, and it comes in a nice mini-LP sleeve, complete with liner notes, photos and bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are from later versions of the band. The leader of Rictus was directly involved with this reissue. Overall, a fantastic job from an up and coming reissue label that I'm calling the Canadian Shadoks.

Notes:  Very much a deep underground album from France. Raw and primitive overall but with some cool compressed fuzz guitar sounds and a vintage 60's organ to go along with Fender Rhodes, Moog and even some cheap 1980's era synthesizers. At times the album recalls Nuance's "Il est une Legende", especially concerning the ferocious fuzz guitar leads. There's also some dramatic Ange style vocals that are reassuring in this setting. There's almost nothing 1980s about this album, other than the aforementioned keyboards (and even at that, they are rarely deployed). 


  1. Hello Tom
    We thank you !
    We also thank Strawberry Rain Label for what they did for us. All that story is so incredible to us !
    It is really funny to read what you write about our “Christelle” .
    Funny and interesting!
    We released many other records since this one, and our style changed. We turned to French Blues Rock music.
    But I can tell you that our very last cd “Candide 2013” has good seventies vibrations. If you want to test it, you will find it on our web site at :
    Nice life to you and all your readers.
    Rol Brultey, (Lyrics&Music writer of that “Christelle” and also keyboards player)

    1. Thank you for the great music and allowing Strawberry Rain to reissue your album! - Tom