Garolou - s/t. 1978 Canada

Garolou (name play loosely translated to Beware of the Wolf) were a Quebec based progressive folk group (entirely sung in French) similar to L’Engouvelent or Connivence. Originally known as Lougarou (Werewolf), the band were forced to change their name as it sounded too close to a more well known dancing troupe in Quebec. Garolou were more straightforward rocking than most groups in this genre. Side 1 is definitely the better side and peaks on the wonderful 'Je me suis habillé en plumes'. Starting with 'Alouette' the band moves to an almost pure folk sound. The epic closer 'Germaine' doesn't deliver the prog rock opus as expected, and is more a continuation of the above, but with rock elements. Overall Garolou aren't that far removed from the like minded efforts of Breton/Gallic groups such as Malicorne, Ys, Avaric, Tarentule, and many others.

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