Moogg - Italian Luxury Style. 2016 Italy

With a name like Italian Luxury Style, one could be forgiven in thinking that Moogg has abandoned progressive rock for the Shibuyu-kei style, similar to Pizzicato Five and Fantastic Plastic Machine. Well, noooo, but it's not entirely unfair to tag some of this as kitschy. There is a cool jet-set late 60s vibe, mixed with a slick 70s jazz funk tone throughout. All mixed in with their patented Italian take on the Canterbury sound. This is one of those albums that sounds very familiar, and yet is entirely unique, which is quite an accomplishment actually. Multiple listens reveals something new every time, and there's a subtle complexity that lurks underneath what seems like gloss - similar to some of the best 70s fusion artists. Melody is Moogg's strength, and they are anxious to exploit. Another strong outing from Moogg, perhaps a step down from the awesome debut, but it's clear the band is stretching out a bit here and taking chances.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 Mellow

For some odd reason, this album was only available as a download for the longest time. A disturbing trend. Provide us physical assets please!

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