Gold - No Class What So Ever. 1980 USA

Gold are a southern Florida band and I found this album to be a very appealing piece of instrumental music. I love the guitar work, both in the psychedelic tone, and with his melodic style. No shredding here - this is the emotional style that Santana or even Frank Marino (think 'Poppy') can get when they focus on their instrumental side. The compositions are tight, and they pack a lot of ideas within relatively short time frames. It's sophisticated but not complicated. And while it ostensibly comes from a jazz fusion angle, I'd say it's more in the instrumental progressive rock camp. There is no doubt that this album will improve with multiple listens, as it possesses an uncommon depth. This one really came out of nowhere, and I don't think it's on the collector radar yet.

This is an album that I first heard via my research for the CDRWL. It was provided by this gentleman (a year prior to this posting), who is still at it after all these years. In any case, I'm thrilled to have finally found a vinyl copy, and thus it makes its first appearance here on the UMR. It's a really great album.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 Alpha

BTW, Gold's first album, Night Ride, is best forgotten. My notes: It's hard to imagine this is the same band that released the excellent No Class What So Ever album. Especially the first half of the disc which is really no more than boogie shuffle rock, and is quite hideous in fact. By Track 5, the band started to turn to more intriguing instrumental guitar fronted fusion, and foreshadows the much better sophomore album to come.

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