Eye - Vision and Ageless Light. 2016 USA

Vision and Ageless Light is the 3rd studio album from Columbus, Ohio's Eye. The band clearly are moving into the "professional" category and leaving their amateur status behind. And in this case, that's a huge plus, even if I enjoy all their albums roughly the same. Eye seems to now be embracing their Nektar leanings, while digging deeper into a new found love for early non-sequencer Tangerine Dream. As with the latter group, mellotron is omnipresent, and it's clear the glorious sounds of the aging tapes are fascinating to the band as much as the audience. Eye is also beginning to drive harder in the Hawkwind space rock column, but with a UK festival styled edge, similar to the best groups like Omnia Opera. All of this combined with more focus paid to composition, and less on improvisation and jam. I could swear I heard a musical quote from Osanna's Palepoli as well, but don't hold me to it. This is a group that is mixing common ingredients but have a come up with an entirely new recipe. If the band continues in this manner, it's hard to imagine the next release being anything less than a masterpiece. I really like the direction Eye is heading in.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 Laser's Edge

The CD comes in a fine single sleeve mini-LP format. Glad to see this packaging format taking off for new albums as well.

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