Corsair - One Eyed Horse. 2015 USA

Corsair's blueprint comes from that exciting time when the late 70s hard rock movement first transitioned into heavy metal. It was a period where muscle and might met thoughtful compositions and progressive ambitions. And most importantly, melody was front and center, not an afterthought or an inconvenience. Where Corsair really shines is in their ability to write awe-inspiring breaks, followed by twin guitar melodies and further followed up with psychedelic solos. On this latter front, the band moves away from the 70's, and more into modern times, somewhat similar to the more sophisticated stoner bands emulating the late 60s, and who actually know how to play their instruments - for example a group like Colour Haze. The vocals are almost too soft affected for the music, bordering the indie style, but just enough grit to earn its 70s badge. In the end, the influences are wide ranging, and provides a different path than the usual metal revivalists. I'm not really sure of any other band that has the sound of Corsair - past or present. When looking at similar bands from the late 70s like Alkana, Legend, Granmax, Manilla Road, and Thin Lizzy, not a one of them really sound like Corsair. They have found a small niche inside a crowded field. Not sure what the market is, but I'm sure it should be larger than it is. This is the kind of music I wish I was hearing on the radio when still a teenager.

Personal collection
CD: 2015 Shadow Kingdom

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