Tyll - Sexphonie. 1975 Germany

Tyll were one of a handful of Krautrock groups on the Kerston label (Gaa, Epidermis, Proton 1 concert), a label known more for schlager, classical, and church music. Sexphonie is a very disparate album and each track is different from the other. You'll hear fiery fusion workouts, folk rock, world fusion, straight up hard rock, and even some politrock (tongue in cheek apparently) sung in German. Steadfastly using the native language, Tyll will remind the listener of groups such as Drosselbart, Prof. Wolfff, and Franz K. The latter gets a further comparison due to the copious use of heavily affected electric guitar.  On the spacier tracks, label mates Gaa are a fair comparison. And in many places I also hear the unique composition style of Lily's excellent V.C.U. album. Perhaps a bit too scattered to be a classic, but definitely one of Krautrock's more interesting footnotes.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 Mental Experience (Spain)

In 2016, we finally have our first authorized reissue. Mental Experience, Guerssen's Krautrock specialty label, have released the album on CD and LP. It sounds like it's from the master tapes, and features liner notes from Alan Freeman, including an interview with Tyll's founder Teflon Fanfara (what a name!). Excellent all around, though no bonus material was found apparently. Nice to finally be able to ditch my CD-R burn, as I was never able to secure an original LP.


  1. Is it just me or does Nervenzusammenbruch einer Gitarre sound like a bad Larks' Tongues ripoff?

    1. I had not picked up on that, Bas, but as diverse as this album is, you might be right! I do have it noted as one of my favorite tracks on the album though.

  2. Hm, I'm afraid this album doesn't really convince me.

    Still, kudos to Guerssen for reissuing albums like this. I can't imagine there was ever a huge market for such semi-obscurities and with ever dwindling CD sales there must only be a handful of potential buyers left.


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