Klockwerk Orange - Abrakadabra + Live at Stadtsaal Innsbruck. 1975 Austria (archival)

Abrakadabra is an extremely obscure progressive album from 1975 with 3 long tracks. Very Teutonic sounding, reminding me of similar era German groups such as Pancake, Madison Dyke and Minotaurus. The unique element at play here is the use of trumpet. So you get a little Tijuana Brass meets ELP. Gotta hear 'Tijuana Taxi' collide with 'Manticore'!

Concerning the archival Live at Stadtsaal Innsbruck - The first three tracks are new compositions not found on the actual LP, and demonstrates that Klockwerk Orange were rapidly becoming more ambitious as song composers. They also introduce an earlier progressive sound, as would be found on Pink Floyd's Meddle perhaps. The highlight track is 'Vlad Zeppesch', surely a tale about Dracula, which contains many twists and turns in an almost Italian progressive rock style. Only downfall is of course the sound quality, which is of high bootleg standard. But it's good enough, and we'll take what we can get. One can only wish they had the time to lay these tracks down in a studio. Or that they reform ala Necronomicon and Alphataurus, and finish the job they started nearly 40 years ago.

Personal collection
LP+CD: 2013 Digatone

As long as I've been collecting, Klockwerk's Orange sole album has always been rare and expensive, frequently changing hands for over $800 (& more). As such, I had it on a curiosity list for as long as I've been making such lists (since the 1980s). But it wasn't until about 8 years ago I finally received a copy via CD-R, and then quickly entered it into to the CDRWL. Then out of the blue last year, a new label from Austria debuted their reissue catalog with this album! At first I was skeptical and did all sorts of background checks, suspecting a bootleg. But as we know now, that is not the case, and Digatone are fully entrenched as Austria's new bright light for quality legitimate reissues, especially given their recent release of Isaiah, an album we've already featured here on the UMR. Without a doubt, the way to go here is the 2 LP reissue (a wonderful high quality gatefold) that also includes a CD in a simple slip case. The second LP is a formerly unreleased 1975 concert known as Live at Stadtsaal Innsbruck. If you want the full concert, you'll have to obtain the LP reissue, as the (Digatone) CD only contains 3 of the 5 tracks. (Both Bas and Achim have correctly smacked me upside the head: Japan's Belle Antique has both albums in full on a 2 CD set - I knew that too. D'oh!)


  1. For those who want the whole thing on CD there's a double disc version on Belle Antique.

    1. Thanks Bas for the correction. I received an e-mail as well about this. I couldn't get to my computer fast enough :-) I completely forgot about this release!


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