Eloiteron - s/t. 1981 Switzerland

Much better than average early 80s symphonic album. There were many of these type of private progressive rock albums released in Germany and Switzerland during this period and Eloiteron are one of the best. Trumpet adds a nice touch, and recalls the Austrian group Klockwerk Orange in a similar setting. Plenty of excellent organ, mellotron, guitar, piano, synthesizers, and flute as well. I appreciate the strong attention to melodic detail. It's primarily instrumental, though there's some sparse unobtrusive vocals that are decent. Recommended album, for certain, and holds up well after many listens. The kind of album Musea Records of France would have reissued, had they gotten to it during their prime.

Personal collection
LP: 1981 private
CD: 2013 Belle Antique (Japan)

The photo above shows an old ebay auction that best captures the entire original package. The "skull" photo was actually a single poster sheet that lays on top of the sunrise album cover. Only the earliest presses had this sheet, and many copies were released without it. This was a feature on our CDRWL for many years, and it came as a major surprise that Belle Antique of Japan is the first and only CD reissue. Apparently the band got in touch with Marquee, and sent them a digital copy for reissue purposes. As is typical for the label, Belle Antique reissues whatever is provided to them. Sometimes it can be a fantastic remaster (like Old Man & The Sea or the Speed Limit albums), and sometimes it can be cheap digital copy (like Aquarelle). This is unfortunately of the latter quality. It's too "digitized" for my tastes. I think it could use a better remaster from a sound perspective. However, the quality of the packaging is awesome as usual, and it contains all of what the original LP would have - including the skull outlay. It's nice that there is a legit CD, but I wish a specialist label from Europe would tackle it with a newly remastered sound, and with full historical notes in English. I personally own the LP, but without the skull (but with the insert as shown above) and this Japanese CD.

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