Era di Acquario - Antologia. 1973 Italy

Era di Acquario - Antologia. 1973 RCA

CD reissue: 1995 BMG; 2011 Sony (mini-LP)

Packaging: Definitely a rare album in original form, and features a very thin rough cardboard single sleeve cover that fades easily. Demand is relatively light though, so you may find one for a reasonable price. The parent companies of RCA maintained the rights all these years, and the CD remains in print. This is the type of album that is more popular in its home country than abroad. I own the '95 CD and see no reason to upgrade, despite the straight reissue jewel case format.

Notes: Don't listen to Era di Acquario's sole album with the expectation that it's an unknown 1973 classic Italian progressive rock album. However, if you enjoy pastoral acoustic guitar, flute, and hand percussion instrumentals, then Era di Acquario will most certainly satisfy on that level. Opener 'Campagne Siciliane' is stunningly beautiful. There are also a trio of decent harder rocking electric/acoustic guitar lead pieces with vocals, two good electric instrumentals ('Fuori al sole', 'Statale 113') and, yes, one singer-songwriter dud to endure ('Idda' - track 3 on the 1995 BMG CD). Overall, this is a sweet album. Just don't expect Museo Rosenbach or Semiramis.

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