Serge Bringolf Strave - Vision. 1981 France

Strave's debut was like a Zeuhl Big Band playing jazz rock. Vision sees Strave moving closer to the Zeuhl center, where the chants are more prominent and the horn charts are tighter. Where the rhythms are more active, and the overall feel is kinetic. It's a second generation Univeria Zekt and definitely the peak for Serge Bringolf.

Personal Collection
CD: 2012 Soleil Zeuhl

It was fortuitous for me to have purchased the LP new from Musea circa 1990 or so, when they still had dead stock for sale. The Soleil Zeuhl CD is excellent as usual, with complete historical liner notes (in French and English). Great sound, though no bonus tracks.

2017 update: After some deliberation, I decided to part with the original LP. The sound of the CD is excellent and matches the LP in fine form (back to back check). And the original cover offers nothing unique. Just a typical early 80s simple single sleeve cover with dull colors.

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