Nosferatu - s/t. 1970 Germany

Nosferatu - s/t. 1970 Vogue

CD reissues: 1992 Ohrwaschl; 2010 Long Hair

LP reissues: 1998 Second Battle; 2010 Long Hair

Packaging details: A super rare and expensive album as an original, the only sensible thing to do here is grab one of the fine LP reissues by either Second Battle or Long Hair. I've owned both, and currently have the latter, which includes unique liner notes. As for the CD, the Long Hair version is a definite upgrade to the basic Ohrwaschl reissue. Currently, I own the Long Hair reissues on both LP and CD.

Notes: It is interesting to read modern reviews of Nosferatu, with comments like "all been done before" and "they borrowed different elements of albums prior". It once again demonstrates that we have a lot of young-uns out there downloading 50 albums a day and not digesting the music properly when listening. Or taking the time to understand the history. Had this album come out in 1973, then OK, maybe. But for 1970, Nosferatu were actually ahead of the curve. It's a distinctly British form of rock, with amplified sax/flute/guitar/organ and rough vocals. Listen to bands like Aquila, Hannibal, Indian Summer and Raw Material to see what I mean. It's a sound based in blues not jazz, the latter being more of an influence on Teutonic bands of the era.

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