Captain Marryat - s/t. 1974 Scotland

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this album, considering some of the hype surrounding its excessive value in original LP form. I really thought it would be average at best. But not so. It screams the era in which it was released. It's naive, it's honest, it's well played, and it's memorable. Nice melodies, and surprisingly strong vocals. Long sections are set aside for guitar (nice fuzz tone) and organ jams. And they are also very well executed. Very much a UK styled rock / progressive album from 1974.

Personal collection
CD: 2009 Shadoks

This album was about as mythical as they come in collecting circles. For years, it was only whispered about and many decried its very existence. But then a couple of copies popped on ebay in early 2009, each securing well over $4,000 each and many collectors (including me) became curious what all the fuss was. Shortly thereafter, the excellent Shadoks label, a reissue company whose primary focus is that of the most obscure albums, came through with both an LP and CD reissue. The turnaround on this one - going from impossible-to-find-mega-rarity to CD reissue is about as fast it will ever happen. But it's a win-win for all progressive rock fans. It's wonderful to have an artifact such as this on CD - and done the right way with the band's involvement. As is custom with a great reissue, the CD features unique liner notes and photos.

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  1. The LP is also quite well done. Would have preferred the original white cover sans group picture, yet this is passable/acceptable. Sonics on the vinyl are quite refreshing.

    Another great Shadoks rarity is:
    Liverpool - Por Favor Sucesso


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