Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family - Kankaku Shikou. 1976 Japan

Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family's sole album is a highly fascinating work, with a classical piano base. You'll hear plenty of organ, mellotron, electric / echoed piano, analog synths, percussion, drums, rhythm guitar, and both male and female voice. Can't say I've heard another album quite like it, and it's well worth pursuing.

Personal Collection
CD: 2013 Bridge

The CD reissue is a 2 disc set that features an entire CD of original material. Unfortunately it's not up to snuff, but certainly serves well as bonus material. Don't pay extra for it though. The CD is taken from vinyl (or sounds like it). Original LPs are very rare. This was a CDRWL item for a few years until the reissue came out. It was via this CD that we learned the specific original LP release date as March 25, 1976, altering the prevailing belief it had been 1974.

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