Sukellusvene - Vesi- Ja Lintumusiikkia. 1979 Finland

Very nice fusion album. Primary instruments are sax, synthesizer and guitar. Sounds much more like an album from 1973/74 than anything as late as 1979. More of a gritty edge, and one track sounds like a lost organ freaky fusion number that would've shown up on the German MPS label (and naturally my favorite track). Another anachronism is the use of the wah wah pedal as a rhythm component. Not a totally breathtaking release, but executed perfectly for the 70s jazz fusion sound. Overall the album recalls early Weather Report and Bill Connors era Return to Forever. File next to the Jupu Group album. Band translates to "Submarine" and the album to "Water- And Bird Music".

Personal Collection
LP: 2016 Svart

The reissue LP comes in a fine gatefold cover,with a history of the band. Also included is a reissue of the 45 single. Originals on Love are very rare. The album has yet to find its way to CD. One would presume Svart will eventually tackle these Finnish albums once they've sold out of the LPs. Or at least I hope they do. June 2018 update: Svart did eventually reissue this one on CD.

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