Atila - Reviure. 1978 Spain

The Catalonian group Atila released three diverse albums in the mid to late 70's. Starting primarily as a raw hard rock psych group, Atila evolved into one of the finest instrumental progressive space rock acts around. They are one of the few 70's Spanish bands to not include a strong indigenous element to their sound.

Two years after Intencion, the band delivered their final album, and masterpiece, Reviure (aka Revivir). Promoted to major label EMI/Odeon, Atila produced another primarily all instrumental album. They've removed the hard rock/psych edges of the past and they've been replaced by a smoother, more cosmic edge. The organ has been tossed completely for the Moog now, and the biting fuzz guitar traded in for a more spacey tone. The complex progressive oriented disposition is still present, but now the focus is on long synthesizer drones and atmospheric spacey guitar. The four long tracks on display are each marked by their superb composition style, changes of tone and mood, and subtle energy. Sounding unlike any other album from Spain, Reviure is a must listen for the fan of Continental European progressive music.

Personal Collection
LP: 1978 Odeon

An album I've owned since the early 90s, and have had about 3 different copies to date. Once again, a curio pops out, and we must presume (as usual) it's a difference in pressing plants. This time I noticed that some copies have Reviure on the spine, while others don't. Also I noticed the title is slightly embossed on one but not the other. As for a CD, it has been said that Odeon will not release this title due to legal reasons (could be compensation related). The band decided to rectify that situation by recording the album live in 1999 and releasing it with the authorized reissue of Intencion. A noble intent, though still not the same as having the original. I wouldn't sell my LP in any case, but it would be nice to have a (legal) supplement. Bootlegs, of course, exist everywhere for this title. As such, it's been on my CDRWL since the creation of the list.

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