Mingo Lewis - Flight Never Ending. 1976 USA

Mingo Lewis - Flight Never Ending. 1976 Columbia

No reissues!

"Heavy symphonic synthesizer music with a lot of really happening rhythmic patterns" is how Mingo Lewis self describes Flight Never Ending. And honestly, there's not much more to add. But I will anyway. Mingo Lewis was New York City born and bred, son of jazz guitarist James Lewis. In 1970, Carlos Santana got wind of the legendary percussionist jamming in Central Park, and asked he join the band, which he did for the following four years. Following that, he hooked up with Return to Forever for their No Mystery tour in 1975, thus the similarity in sound was no coincidence including the funk track 'Trapezoid'. It also cemented an important relationship with one Al Di Meola, who not only recorded Lewis' composition 'Wizard' on his debut, but also repurposed 'Frankincense' into 'Chasin the Voodoo' on his Casino album (I can hear all of you now going "I knew I heard that song somewhere!"). Eventually Lewis relocated to San Francisco later in '75 and latched on with a hot, but unknown, progressive rock band known as Light Year that we only learned about a few years ago through the brilliant archival Reveal the Fantastic album. For the remainder of the tracks not listed, well you the listener are in for a treat. Read everything above, including the links, and you can figure out the rest. As my old friend Herky Jerky (MAP) says, this is one of the best 70s fusion albums ever made! Don't miss this one.

I've owned this on album since the 1980s. I have two copies, both white label promos with a biographical insert (and where some of the data I provide above comes from). Unfortunately an album never reissued on CD, despite multiple tries. Sony is holding this one tight for some unknown reason.


  1. Actually Sony offered this to us for reissue. The problem (as is often the case) is there is a bootleg in circulation for many years killing saleability.

    1. Those who buy bootlegs deserve what they get. Too bad for the rest of us.


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