Hunk Ai - s/t. 1986 Denmark

Hunk Ai - s/t. 1986 Olufsen

No reissues!

Hunk Ai, from Denmark, are a textbook Avant-Prog group. Heavily influenced by Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Kew.Rhone., and Von Zamla, the music of Hunk Ai is wildly unpredictable, angular, and dissonant. At once harsh and then followed by some surprising melodic sounds. Like most albums in the field, there are great moments to behold, including the driving bass work, fantastic production, and the rare (for the genre) psychedelic guitar solo. On the other hand, there are plenty of free noise sections, tuneless percussion, and the ever present shrieking-and-shrill pseudo-operatic female voice that honestly becomes very annoying after awhile. Some of the vocals recall the French band Noa, though I found them less engaging. I used to have much more tolerance for this kind of stuff, but it hasn't aged well for me. But if you're a fan of said genre, this album is an absolute must listen.

As you can see, I did decide to move this one out recently. Once again via our Purple Peak Records webshop (yea I know, it looks like an advertisement, but we can use the exposure!)

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