Taivaanvuohi - Pop Liisa 04. 1973 Finland (archival)

Taivaanvuohi were a band operating in early 1970s Finland, that never managed to release an album, though they were slated to be on the Love Records roster. They were a largely forgotten group, until these wonderful Pop Liisa radio sessions showed up and have been sprung upon us, courtesy of Svart. Taivaanvuohi's style is an absolute bulls-eye for what I personally enjoy - that of Hot Rats-era Frank Zappa meets the Canterbury sounds of 1969 Soft Machine. Europe had many such bands in the early 70s, all of them favorites here, such as Moving Gelatine Plates, Brainstorm, first album Solution, Dr. Dopo Jam, etc... Very complex, with a jazzy disposition, but with an added heavy psychedelic rock slant. Vocals are in English, not always a given with bands from Finland (though I would have preferred the indigenous language myself). Since this was a "one time live event" (December 5th, 1973), the performance isn't perfect, and one can only imagine how great these compositions would have been with some quality studio time and production. From Finland one can hear traces of Charlies, Tasavallan Presidentti, and Haikara in Taivaanvuohi's music, but largely they possess their own sound. The album finishes on a high point, with a ferocious cover of Zappa's 'Orange County Lumber Truck'. I had forgotten about this title, and was curious why some Finns from the early 70s had some strange affection for Anaheim and Irvine. lol. Anyway, don't overlook this one if your tastes run similar to mine. This is a fantastic and unexpected find.

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CD: 2016 Svart w/Wigwam

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