Grey Mouse - Twisted Tango. 2015 Russia

I first ran into Moscow's Grey Mouse on the excellent Psychedelic World Music compilation from Trail Records a few years ago. The opening track is odd, with banjo used as an atmospheric backdrop and slabs of metal fuzz overload. As such, it comes across as some strange stoner band from West Virginia, awaiting their chance to audition for the remake of the movie Matewan. After this, the band get down to what they do best: Central Asiatic ethnic music meets psychedelic space rock - with female vocals. Somewhat like a meeting of Vespero and Ole Lukkoye. If the exotic ex-Soviet lands of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan mixed with the Western concept of high flying space rock appeals to you, then no doubt Grey Mouse will be a must listen. Perhaps a bit more exciting dynamic changes within each track will take Grey Mouse to the level of Masterpiece. They have it in them for sure. Let's hope they continue from here.

Personal collection
LP: 2015 Cosmic Eye (Greece)

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