The Group (Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza) - The Feed-Back. 1970 Italy

Famous film-scorer Ennio Morricone's jazz / rock / avant garde band. This 1970 album is very wiggy for the time and place, way beyond what one normally associates with "incidental film music". And marquee name Morricone adds trumpet here. Morricone himself was 42 when this album was released and already quite a known artist, hence the major label interest in what otherwise would be an entirely unwanted avant garde annoyance to the business. Given his formal classical musical training, the overall package reminds me of those establishment French persona's such as William Sheller (Popera Cosmic), Alain Gorageur, and Jean-Claude Vannier. You'd be hard pressed to find a more creative rock outing than The Feed-Back, even if you've heard it all on the Futura and Ohr labels from the same era. It barely cracks the 28 minute mark, but otherwise an essential album that is likely to appeal to the remains of your addled left brain.

Personal collection
LP+CD: 2014 Schema

This is an album I never heard of until I started doing serious research for the CDRWL a few years ago. Originals (like the photo above) will set you back... oh.... say $1,500+. Pocket change right? So for the rest of us, it was with great pleasure to see that the Milan based label Schema has come through with both LP and CD reissues of this extremely rare classic. Since it only costs a few extra dollars, I went for the LP that comes with the CD. Definitely score this one while it's still available.


  1. Essential and ahead of its time. It still sounds so modern it's astonishing. However, it has something academically calculated that deterred me for proclaiming it a Gnosis 15 masterpiece.

    1. It really is extraordinary given the time and place. I think today's entry Braen's Machine is even better for my tastes. If you haven't heard it - I think you'll love it, Spyros!


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