Eye - Center of the Sun. 2011 USA

Eye - Center of the Sun. 2011 Kemado 

CD reissue: 2015 private

When you name your band Eye and your first album is entitled Center of the Sun, then you are more than likely to draw comparisons to early Nektar. And indeed that is just what this Columbus based band seems to be aiming for: Journey to the Center of 1971 Nektar. Early Pink Floyd would also have to be mentioned, only in that Nektar themselves were indebted to those that set their controls for the heart of the sun. A sufficiently muddy production - complete with fuzz bass, distorted guitar, mellotron, and disembodied voices - will likely enthrall anyone who thought 1972 was way too glossy of a year. And honestly, what can one complain about? It's not exactly like the world is filled with Nektar copy bands. Sit back and enjoy a new interpretation, if "new" is a term one is allowed to utilize here. No CD for this album (OK, so the band did release it on CD in 2015). One needs to leave the fuzzball on the needle to truly appreciate.

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