Truth and Janey - No Rest for the Wicked. 1976 USA

Truth and Janey - No Rest for the Wicked. 1976 Montross

CD reissues: 2001 Monster; 2007 Rockadrome

LP reissue: 2010 Rockadrome

Packaging details: For the some 25 years plus that I've been collecting, original LPs of Truth and Janey's debut have been a rare and expensive item. Love the negative image photo cover of a Marshall stack! Monster pretty much cornered the market on rare US hard rock albums, and were first to market with a legit reissue. Rockadrome is Monster version 2.0, and is a repress. Later they capitalized on the resurgence for vinyl. I own the 2007 CD, which is chock full of liner notes and a few bonus tracks. Monster / Rockadrome have always done a first class job on their CDs. I own many of them and I hope to feature more over time.

Notes: A little out of our normal scope for UMR, Truth and Janey are the quintessential Midwest USA hard rock group. But like any band from the 1970s, they add progressive trimmings, and some of the compositions throw in a few more ideas than a typical bonehead rock group. In some ways, Truth and Janey could be looked upon as the American equivalent of the Aussie band Buffalo, that we featured extensively earlier in the year - especially at the time of "Only Want You For Your Body". The band Truth started in Cedar Rapids, and eventually added founding member and guitarist Billy Lee Janey to the marquee when it was discovered another Truth had claim to the name. The album was recorded in Ames (where Iowa State University is located), and was initially gobbled up only by the local faithful in Eastern Iowa. Not until the mid to late 1980s when record collecting had gone world wide, did the album gain its fame. If you're looking for a perfect example of a private press hard rock group from Middle America, I'm not sure there's a better example than Truth and Janey. And Billy Lee Janey is one heck of a guitarist!

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