Circus - Movin' On. 1977 Switzerland

There is no better progressive rock album from Switzerland than Movin' On. The first 4 tracks are really swell, but what sends this album to the stratosphere is the 22 minute plus title track. It's actually quite amazing there isn't any electric guitar, though the bass and drum work is just phenomenal here, and propels the music to an incredible intensity. The first 10 minutes the aforementioned title song is jaw dropping in its composition, execution, and intensity. That sequence is hard to beat on any album, anywhere.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 private
CD: 1990 Decoder

Note that the original (first scan) has a lighter cover than the reissue. This album has frustratingly not been available for many years. I was fortunate to pick up the CD when it first came out. I wasn't familiar with the group at the time, but Greg Walker at Syn-Phonic convinced me I would not regret the purchase. And as is usually the case, he was right. Later on, I bought the original LP on ebay to shore up the collection.

Sireena of Germany had announced its intention to reissue the first album late in 2009, as reported on our CD Reissue Wish List site. But they backed away from that, and no other followup announcements have been made. If it does indeed come to fruition, then it would stand to reason Movin' On will finally become available again. This album has been booted more times than a juvenile delinquent at a nun's ass kicking contest.


  1. I got a CD issue today, but I don't know if it's a bootleg or a original reissue, no notes or anything, but the sound quality is great!

  2. Yea, if it doesn't say Decoder then it's a bootleg for sure. Many of the bootlegs out there sound great, but unfortunately lack any other info - and the owners of the music themselves don't get paid either. Let's hope Sireena is successful in getting these out!

  3. This one is going to be released and the first album already
    has been released in November by a record company called
    Big Pink Records from Korea.

    Not to sure if that's a legit release or not. Ther first album seems to be already out of stock:

    All the Best,

    1. Thanks H for the update. Big Pink's business model is one where they ask for permission over the internet. If they get it great, if not, well they tried and press it anyway (and will pay royalties if questioned). I would have to imagine in this case they did get permission as the band has been involved in other attempts at a reissue (or I should say they got permission from various factions of the band - I don't think they are all on the same page). I suspect they possess their own master tapes too, which they could provide. We'll keep our eye on this one, though I'm hesitant to announce it publicly.

      Happy Holidays!


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