Sideline - Sidesteps. 1979 Germany

The music on Sideline is a bit edgier and more melodic than your standard late 70s/early 80's breezy Kraut Fusion album. And it sounds like it was recorded a few years earlier when jazz musicians were still exploring the exciting possibilities of rock. Violin, as would be expected from a leader, is the dominant instrument (though the music is all composed by guitarist Hugo Vogel). Sometimes electric violin can be too flashy (Jean-Luc Ponty) or too hoedown like the Appalachian Americana influenced bands. Here the sound, style, and playing by Koehler is just perfect. If I had a preference though, I would have preferred the guitarist to go beyond the electric jazz tone here. If only he'd let 'er rip psychedelic style (as the violin will on occasion), then this album would've jumped a full 2 Gnosis points.

Interesting to note that the cover and spine credit the release as 7005, but the label itself says 7006. No legit reissues exist as I update this post from the CDRWL (with a fresh listen).

I sold my LP in January 2018. Couldn't justify keeping it for the price obtained.

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