Snakes Alive - s/t. 1975 Australia

In the early 70s, the music world was teeming with jazz fusion / jazz rock bands. The major two schools were a) The technically proficient, as defined by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, and Weather Report. And b) The Miles Davis long track deep groove, with many followers in Germany (in particular the MPS label), Poland, Italy, USA, and beyond. These were jazzers who were fascinated with rock's rhythms and power. But finding rockers who were fascinated by jazz was a much more rare breed. Snakes Alive are a rock fusion band. Of course bands like Mahavishnu still come to mind. Even early Zappa and Xhol Caravan to be honest. But, you know, Finch came to mind too. There are vocals, but they are sparse. Trumpet, sax, flute, organ, and guitar are the solo instruments. And it rocks with a capital R. This is a good one, that's now receiving its just notoriety.

Personal collection
CD: 2017 Belle Antique (Japan)

The CD is housed in a single sleeve mini-LP. Originals are extremely obscure and it is in reality a demo pressed in a quantity of 50 without a cover. A cover therefore has been appended in modern times (via the Poor House Record shop and subsequent bootleg), and this is what the official CD issue used as well.

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