Rayuela - s/t. 1977 Argentina

Rayuela's sole album is a fine example of combining the laid back Latin/Mediterranean style of pastoral progressive rock with that of the edgier jazz fusion fad that had swept through the Southern Cone region during this era. Where there's separation, however, is the high quotient of melodic interplay, giving it that strong symphonic feel. 'Los Ultimos Grillos' is an absolute stunner, clearly operating within the Celeste/Errata Corrige school of Italian soft progressive rock. In one case, Rayuela extends their stylistic brush a bit too far, such as the awkward singer songwriter blues number, right from the Louisiana bayou, complete with harmonica. No matter, as that's the only shortcoming found here. The instrumental tracks are well executed, and the guitar/sax playing here is superb, along with the passionate vocals. It's like stumbling over some lost Italian reels from 1975. Excellent album.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Orfeo
CD: 199? Rayuela

The LP comes in a fine gatefold cover and is a good pressing for the region. The CD is of suspect provenance, but sounds good all the same. It's never been reissued legit unfortunately.

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