Dennis - Hyperthalamus. 1975 Germany

Dennis - Hyperthalamus. 1975 Nova

No reissues!

Dennis were a supergroup of sorts featuring members from Frumpy, Kravetz, A.R. &  Machines, Xhol Caravan, Kickbit Information, Thirsty Moon, Tomorrow's Gift and Release Music Orchestra. With a lineup like that, one would expect a fusion album with Krautrock psychedelic ambitions. And that's exactly what Dennis is. 4 long tracks, that are built upon a psych premise, but with more traditional fusion instrumentation (Rhodes, sax, flute) amongst the usual guitar, bass and drums. A unique album in many ways. Unfortunately the recording isn't too great, at least as found on the original Nova LP release, of which I'm reviewing right now. I wouldn't be too surprised if the masters were in much better condition and a proper reissue could do wonders.

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