Stud - s/t. 1975 USA

One of the better underground hard rock albums from the mid 1970s American scene. Stud is a band from Houston, Texas and who deserve special mention given that they aren't solely dedicated to booze, broads, and rock 'n roll. There's some of that - of course there is - but there's also 3 lengthy pieces (including two over 12 minutes) and one impassioned folk rock number. The songwriting isn't particularly memorable, and Stud are the band you went to go see last on your pub crawl - when you wanted to vegetate to jammin' sounds. A hard rock album is usually only as good as the guitar player, and here Stud shines mightily. Sit back and enjoy the moment. A point in time to reflect upon.

Personal collection
CD: 2015 Out-Sider/Guerssen (Spain)

Originals were pressed in a run of 200, and are extinct. The CD from Spanish label Out-Sider (Guerssen) is their usual great job with full historical liner notes. Instead of adding the LP cover, I put the CD scan up this time to show the more vibrant colors.

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