Atomic Simao - Nodo. 2013 Ukraine

In 1993, this wayward backpacker traveler ventured into the mysterious lands of the Ukraine - a very crazy thing to do for an American in those early post-USSR days. Sticking out wildly with long golden curly hair and a red beard, with those jeans and those white tennis shoes. An easy mark for any number of Russian mafioso roaming about. But I met a girl in Lviv... oh but yes, and not one I would ever see back home in Texas. Completely in awe I was, we struck up quite the torrid romance, one that ultimately ended up in engagement with yet another European adventure a year later with her by my side. And then came the ultimate breakup.... Ah yes, Uncle Tom has lots of stories to share around the dinner table. Just not my current one, as Auntie Mary is there, who showed up but yet a few months later and is still the ever beautiful Mrs. Ashratom some 18+ years later. And Ukrainian-girl-who-shall-not-be-named must not be named.

20 years later from that breakup event, by pure coincidence, I now own my very first album from the Ukraine. Via my very good friend Spyros... from Greece... naturally. Global economy indeed.

And he was astute enough to release this album on LP through his Cosmic Eye imprint.

Atomic Simao play an improvised space rock. So while not exactly a new concept, their execution is exemplary, and when they catch a deep groove with raging fuzz guitars on top and synthesizers flying above... well, you all know the feeling when that happens...

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Cosmic Eye (Greece)

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