Panko - Weil Es So Schön Perlt. 1971 Germany

Out of nowhere comes this obscure Krautrock tape, that reminds me most of the Erna Schmidt archival release. Also the first album of Thirsty Moon, especially their 'Yellow Sunshine' opus. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Xhol Caravan as well, especially when considering their archival live material. Guitar, sax, flute, fuzz bass, German narration, and echoed voices. The whole album screams 1971 Germany, and no doubt would have found themselves on the Ohr label had they held it together long enough (another similarity with Erna Schmidt). The last track Elektonisches is a bit annoying in its attempt for pure improv experimentalism. The CD adds two 11+ minute bonus tracks that are perhaps even better than the album proper, and showcase Panko's fascination with Middle Eastern music. Similar to Agitation Free and Embryo in that way. Unfortunately, the sound quality is a bit rough, and the source couldn't be improved upon. Even so, overall, Panko's sole album is a superb historical document.

Personal collection
CD: 2014 Garden of Delights

Most assuredly one of the most intriguing discoveries of the last 10 years. A cassette from the early 80s featuring vintage Krautrock from 1971. No one was into this kind of musik in 1983! Except maybe the members of LS Bearforce... Pretty much everyone learned of this cassette via the Mutant Sounds blog, including Garden of Delights themselves (as noted in the comments of the post). And I suspect I know where Eric got his physical copy of the tape, but it's pure speculation on my part (hint - think famous lists). After hearing it, we also put it in the CDRWL immediately, and stated what a perfect reissue opportunity for Garden of Delights. And lo and behold, here we are. The CD is chock full of biographical data - and for the first time that I can recall - even a download blog post was mentioned and they added Eric's usual great review. The CDRWL was sadly left off... always unloved and forgotten (awwww sniff sniff). No matter to me, because this is really what I wanted - the CD. There are two bonus tracks on here that are perhaps better than the tape! On the downside, the sound really couldn't be improved upon. The source is the source, and this is as good as it will ever get. No one takes their time to do it right more so than GoD. A pity Panko never went into the studio. And a note to GoD: While we all appreciate the preservation and integrity of the sleeve design, the bright tangerine (small) lettering against the day blue background is near impossible to read! Once under a bright light, I felt my eyes relax.

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