Noa - s/t.1980 France

Like Gutura, Noa features a histrionic female vocalist, piping the French language and enunciating syllables like another instrument. The music of Noa is of the jazzy Zeuhl variety, with plenty of sax (some shrieking), soaring flute, and the expected rhythms of the genre. A pretty experimental record that could have only come out in France during this era.

Personal Collection
CD: 2011 Soleil Zeuhl

The original is housed in a somewhat typical late 70s / early 80s French austere single sleeve cover. New copies of the LP were still available from a couple of US mail order houses in the late 1980s at a normal import LP price - and so I nabbed one back then. Since I've owned it for a long time, it was a regular entry on my CDRWL, until 2010 when we first announced the intention of a CD. Soleil Zeuhl came through with a fine reissue, as they always do, that features superb sound and unique historical notes. Sadly there are no bonus tracks. Interesting to note that my (old) review above was used as part of the advert to sell the CD. Update: I have decided to sell the aforementioned LP and just keep the CD, which is more than sufficient in this case.

Last update: August 5, 2017

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