Planes (Gregor Cürten & Anselm Rogmans) - s/t. 1974 Germany

Planes features two long brooding electronic pieces that remind me of the two Kluster (yea, with a K) albums. Droning voices add some uniqueness on Side 1, whereas Side 2 has some nice touch guitar amongst the usual dark electronic moods.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Entr'acte (UK)

This album was first introduced to me in the early 90s as Planes - I'll Remember the Landscape On Your Face. I had this title on the CDRWL for close to 20 years, and was surprised to learn of a legit CD reissued a full two years back. As for this CD reissue and its packaging, here's what I wrote on the CDRWL: "The Gregor Cürten / Anselm Rogmans "Planes" album has been reissued by a UK label called Entr'acte, who do not normally reissue albums. It took me a bit to obtain this CD, but after finally receiving it, I'm kind of glad they aren't in the reissue market. Their CDs come in a silver foil bag, with perfunctory information printed on the front regarding the release. I think the idea is to then go to their website and print out the front and back covers, and other relevant artwork. Hence the label name (interact - get it?). Yea, no thanks on that approach. You guys can stop reissuing albums at any time. It might be fine for new CDs, but that's not the way to do reissues. On the plus side, the sound is great and it is absolutely legit. So bravo to them for that at least." After writing that, a couple of my loyal readers said they had no issues with Entr'acte's approach. So there you have it.

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