Mikael Ramel - Till Dej. 1972 Sweden

Mikael Ramel's debut starts off almost like a children's album on Swedish Public television, in a silly folk manner with cartoonish voices. After about 6 minutes of that, the music becomes far more interesting in a progressive folk rock direction starting with 'Pengar'. Wonderful flute and guitar throughout the album, and the melodies stick with the listener. The next two following tracks further draw the listener in, until we get to the massive one-two punch of 'Långt in i Naturen' (7:41) and 'Artificiell Prana' (10:52). When in the midst of the large scale percussion and voice piece that suddenly appears on the latter track, you begin to realize you're in another zone completely. And then the subsequent high energy jam that blows out of that, with wah wah "electric speed guitar" blistering your speakers (and your ears), completes the wallop it set out to do. The album then closes as it starts, with a goofy two minute outro. This is the type of album I often refer to as the "wonderful freaky underground". The liner notes mention that Ramel had experimented with various tape recording techniques, which no doubt gives the album those odd dimensions. In some ways, I believe the artist intended to release something straight forward, and ended up with something far more different... and yea, freaky. Love it.

If you're looking for the inspiration of modern sensations' Dungen, then here it is!

Personal Collection
LP: 198? Sonet
CD: 2003 Universal / Sonet / Mellotronen

The original LP comes in a gatefold, and the CD is housed in a wonderful triple FOC digipak, filled with liner notes (in English), photos, bonus tracks, lyrics, and perfect sound. The Ljudspår label had rolled up into the Universal chain, and fortunately this album, along with the second Flasket Brinner that we featured long ago (and Ramel was a member at the time), has been lovingly restored with the assistance of Mellotronen. The 1980s press is very well done, and I thought I had an original for some time, but the blue Sonet label is a giveaway. All the same, this one I'm keeping since it's brand new/mint.

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