Micah - I'm Only One Man. 1971 USA

Micah started in Terre Haute, Indiana before relocating to upstate New York. I'm Only One Man is head and shoulders above most of these hard rock / psych US private pressings from 1971. Long runs of guitar and organ solos, with a great vibe throughout. I love the way the Hammond is played in a choppy manner, with the wah wah guitar solos layered on top. Incredible bluesy soulful vocals. Just nonstop (I mean nonstop) kickass music, the way you want every single one of these type of obscure private albums to sound, but sadly they rarely do. Only bummer is that Side 2 is only 11 minutes long. For me, Micah's music is the definition of BAD ASSThey exude early 70's coolness. Micah are the perfect realization of Uriah Heep now that I think about it. Or Gregg Rolie era Santana. About as good as it gets for the style.

Personal collection
CD: 2013 Shadoks (Germany)

Absolutely one of the rarest American private pressings. I had never even heard of it until my buddy Heavyrock played his original for me about 7 years ago. So unless you have a nice trust fund going, you'll probably want to fork over for one of the Shadoks reissues. I opted for the CD, which has just recently been released. The LP is a rather simple single sleeve, typical of US pressings of the era. The CD features plenty of historical notes, a recent interview (which you can also find online), and photos to supplement this issue. It's unfortunately a rather short album (< 30 minutes) and there are no bonus tracks. Don't let that deter you though, as it's 29 minutes of excellence with no wasted moments.


  1. A great album (I have it)! Micah's drummer is now drumming for us. He was featured on few tracks on our debut album "Corvus Stone" (our band is Corvus Stone) and will be on all tracks on forthcoming albums (the next one will be released soon). The drummer's real name is Robert Wolff (he's one of the best ones I've ever heard playing).

    1. Thanks Pasi for the comment! I look forward to hearing the Corvus Stone. As an aside, last night of all things, I also checked out the excellent Raven (1976) album that also featured Robert Wolff. Great to hear that you all were able to recruit him for your band!


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