Pancake - No Illusions. 1979 Germany

No Illusions is Pancake's third album, and an improvement compared to its two predecessors. Again, guitarist Walter Negele was forced to rebuild the band almost from scratch. Here, Pancake presents a typical German symphonic progressive album with female vocals which veers towards the sound of bands like Octopus circa Boat of Thoughts or Streetmark's Eileen. While the first two albums tended to meander, No Illusions demonstrates a mature band, with tighter arrangements, and a more forceful approach.

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Blubber Lips
CD: 2012 Garden of Delights

Unlike the first two Pancake's, I didn't purchase the LP until a few years ago on ebay - a copy I still own. Kind of a bizarre cover (single sleeve), that crosses the harsh realities of the late 70s with the psychedelic dolls of the original Ohr LP covers. As for the CD, Garden of Delights had this listed for reissue as far back as when they first released the Roxy Elephant album (2003). Then it dropped off their "coming soon" list, and was re-added back a couple of years after that. And finally here is the CD! An excellent job as usual, with full liner notes and photos. As well, this version contains 6 bonus tracks. The first 3 are a set of demos from 1980 that was to be their 4th album. The other grouping is a live reunion from 2002.


  1. Did Garden released officially the CD Tom? I haven't seen in for sale anywhere.

    1. Hi Spyros - yep, it's out! It's almost impossible to get the new GoD and Long Hair stuff here in the US, and I'm guessing you're experiencing similar in Greece. I ordered it (and many other items including the Necronomicon) from Green Brain direct from Germany and the order arrived two weeks ago!

    2. Doug Larson is now carrying the CD here in the States.

    3. Excellent - thanks Anon for letting us know. Glad to see Doug still bringing these in.


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