Mike Selesia - Flavor. 1976 USA

Fresno, CA based jazz musician Mike Selesia (who plays sax and flute) presented this fascinating hybrid of early 60s Coltrane, early 70s Miles Davis, Ravi Shankar and Jimi Hendrix. Album starts with the former and gradually moves to the latter. By the end we have an almost Kosmische Krautrock type sound, something that would have been comfortable on the Ohr and Brain labels. Wild fuzz guitar, fluttering flute, sitar & tamboura, hand percussion, haunting voices and reckless experimentation. As if the drugs kicked in about half way. Excellent album.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Shout! Deep Jazz Reality (Japan)

As mentioned in the CDRWL, talk about a surprise reissue! Deep Jazz Reality is a respected label out of Japan, who reissue obscure US based jazz albums. The package is very nice - an exact replica of the original single sleeve cover (presumably, as I've never actually owned one). There's an interview with Selesia in the liner notes. The bad news is it's been translated to Japanese, so not much help for us English readers. Maybe someone can translate it one day.

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  1. Yes, great recording and quite rare in its original form... Excellent inclusion here Tom.


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