Group 1850 - Paradise Now. 1969 Netherlands

Wow. The first 3 tracks are psychedelic songwriting at its best. Trippy droned-out voices, acid wah-wah guitar, psychedelic organ, pounding bass, active rhythms and memorable melodies round out the opening of Paradise Now - Group 1850's second album, and a work of pure genius. 'Friday I'm Free' is my pick for the ultimate late 1960's psychedelic song . This is followed by 3 short incidental psychedelic interludes, whose placement is perfect and sets up the album's masterpiece - the appropriately named '?!'. Perhaps in 2012 they would name the track 'WTF?!'. This instrumental journey into the netherworld of your mind is highlighted by some of the most incredible organ sounds you've ever encountered. 11 minute closer 'Purple Sky' shows Group 1850 paying homage to the blues psych of Jimi Hendrix, but tripped out Amsterdam coffee shop style.

A stunning work of psychedelic music, that makes you pine for more of it. If only there was more of it....

At least one well known collector on RYM says it's his favorite album ever. That's outstanding. I'll say top 75 for me. An amazing piece of music.

Personal Collection
LP: 1969 Discofoon
CD: 1991 Free (Germany)

The original LP comes in a fine single sleeve with a flapback cover. An album I paid good money for a nice copy, and wouldn't have it any other way. This one's coming to the grave with me anyway. Can you believe this album was released by a department store (Vroom & Dreesman)? It blows my mind to even dream of albums like this coming out from, oh I dunno... say... Montgomery Ward. It's impossible to fathom! Incidentally the store is still going strong today, but it's been many years since they were in the music business. The 1978 release features a completely different cover. Gone are the stoned guys on the front. That's part of the charm!

I once had the Free CD listed as a bootleg, but I received a note from the label stating adamantly that it was legit. There is a pirate Free label, and I'm not sure if it's the same one. Discogs, for their part, label this CD as "unauthorized". The sound is fine and the cover has been faithfully reproduced. And that's it. It's a cheap one page liner card. There is a recent reissue on Pseudonym that I should investigate.

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