Catch Up – Birth of the Second Life. 1976 Germany

The quality of Catch Up's second album isn't quite as apparent as the debut, and it takes awhile to assimilate the various styles present here. Birth of the Second Life starts off with a funky, disco-ish instrumental that recalls perhaps bands such as MFSB. This leads to a Hammond organ and piano driven track with an Andalusian theme. Followed by a moody horn and keyboard jazz track. And so it goes. Until the last 3 tracks, where Catch Up really take it up a notch. There are great Moog and organ solos, deep bass grooves, timeless melodies, and the closer that features tripped out female narrative bits against atmospheric keyboards and tuned percussion that instantly recall the early 70s Krautrock masters. A really fine album.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Production Dessinee (Japan)

As with the recently featured Mike Selesia album, here's another surprise reissue we announced on the CDRWL back in June this year. And similarly it's a Japanese mini-LP, from a reputable label. When reading through the Production Dessinee discography, I found myself trying to find a musical link with Catch Up. I can't - it seems to be an anomaly for the label. As for the packaging, the original was a single sleeve, and thus this an exact miniature replicate. As is custom with Japanese releases, the only liner notes are in kanji. But barring any specialist label reissuing this, then this is a fine alternative. Not sure why Crippled Dick Hot Wax didn't release it, since they had already reissued their debut album.

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