Zoldar & Clark - The Ghost of Way. 1977 USA

Classic Yes plays a strong role in the influence of this young band.

Personal collection
CD: 2008 Oxford Circus (as The Ghost of Way)

Dellwood is yet another of the infamous "tax dodge" / "tax scam" labels of the late 70s. A convenient loophole in the tax code that let unsavory businessmen write off unlimited losses against profits to save from paying Uncle Sam more than was truly owed (the IRS closed this loophole pretty quickly). All of these so-called music labels were setup to create a loss on the general ledger. Of course, all of these labels should have taken more losses, as they pretty much stole the music given them (via bogus advertisements in music papers stating they were legitimate enterprises). Almost all bands who unwittingly participated in this scam had no inkling their material was released until many years later.

So it's with this background that the CD on Oxford Circus (the only legitimate reissue and titled The Ghost of Way on the CD itself) contains many different tracks from the original Dellwood LP. Unfortunately there's no liner notes to explain why that is the case. As well, from all the online info I can gather, there isn't a definitive guide as to what is what here. Cannata himself is behind the reissue, and it appears that in his mind, the Zoldar & Clark brand name is geared towards the band's more progressive mindset, whereas Jasper Wrath and Arden House represent other aspects of their overall sound. Some of these song titles I don't recognize from anywhere - while others were originally on albums from Jasper Wrath and Arden House.

In any case, this CD is not a reissue of the original LP. But well worth owning in its own right!


  1. Well, the problem with the "Oxford Circus" release is that it can easily been mistaken for the Zoldar & Clark LP as it features the original front cover and the "The Ghost of Way" title is marked only on the silver dick and cannot be found either on the cover or spine.

    The track titles to the original LP are:
    Touch the Sky / Now Is the Time / To Be Alive / The Ghost of Way / Lunar Progressions / In Time / Day After Day.

    For the history: The original Dellwood Zoldar & Clark LP has been digitalized by Jerry P. (of the famous "Radioactive" bootleg label) on his equally pirate smash 'n' grab label "Erebus". And unfortunately it is the only edition in existance of what is probably the best album on any tax scam label.

    1. Yep - exactly right Spyros on all accounts. I did notice the Erebus reissue as well. Scant worth mentioning of course, other than as you say, the only CD with the original album intact.

      Agree as the best album on a tax scam label - excepting maybe the original Lift album on Guinness?? That would be my pick anyway.


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